Friday, 22 July 2011

Pokeball Nail

Today i did this Pokeball inspired nail. Inspired from the renowned POKEMON.
I really loved the color combination. I'm planning to do a nail art on all the diferent types of Pokeballs
Like Masterball, Ultraball, etc.

Meanwhile, for this nail I used Faceshop's white,red and black and DearFace's silver color for the centre of the Pokeball. I used to be a Pokemon fan in the past.
You can check my previous post here which i did my nails inspired by Pokemon Togepi. :)

What's Pokemon's most frequently used phrase:
"You gotta catch them all"

What do you guys think? :)
Thanks for dropping by ;)


FOREVER '92 said...

I was a huge Pokemon fan when I was a young'n also. Watched the cartoon everyday. Love anything that reminds me of my childhood ^_^

Olivia said...

Such a cute mani! :)

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