Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Nail tip of the Day #20 : How to remove cuticles correctly?

I guess most of us do not know what is a cuticle

So this is a close picture of a cuticle.

So here is the correct way to remove them
1. Wash them with warm water and soap and dry them well.
2. Apply cuticle softener/remover.
3. Use orange stick to push back the cuticle and ensure they are soft enough
4. Use a cuticle cutter to cut your cuticles very carefully. DO NOT over cut.
5. Apply moisterizer.

P.S. for the pushing back of the cuticles, try to use orange stick instead of metal sticks cause it is actually better :)

This is my #20 nail tip! Do check out the other nail tips.
Nail tips will be temporary stopped till further notice.
I'll be sourcing for more tips for all of you in the mean time:)

Thanks for dropping by :)

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