Monday, 4 July 2011

Nail tip of the Day #13: How to make nail polish thicker?

I guess some of us might get this proble, which is when your nail polish becomes to thin or watery.
I have a few solutions for you.

1. Leave the bottle open and put it in a well ventilated area for 10-15 mins depending on what thickness you plan to achieve. Then close the bottle and roll between your hands until you get your desired consistency.
2. Try putting it in the fridge for about 1-2 days and see how it turns out. Also depends on your nail polish*
3. When the polish is older, it will be thicker.
4. Buy the brand which suits you (thick).
5. Apply a few more layers since its thin, but ensure that the layers are dried up first to prevent blobs from forming.

Thanks for reading.
I hope these helps!
P.s. I'll be adding links to my blog. So those who own nail blogs feel free to email me so we can exchange links :)

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