Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hello Kitty Inspired Nail

Today i painted a Hello Kitty french Tip design on my nails.
First i painted white french tips using Sally Hansen's Sheer Romance 1 Natural white.
Then i drew the Hello Kitty's face on the ring finger.
After that i added a line of glitter on the white french tips to make it look more elegant.
I also did a video tutorial about it and i'll upload it soon after i'm finished editing.
What do you think about this set of nails?

If you have any suggestions of what nail art to paint, feel free to email me here!
Thanks for visiting! :)


McDiaz714 said...

super cute!

Hannah J said...

This is so cute! I also did hello kitty but I never posted the pictures...Hmmmm, maybe that can be my new mani I do:D

Oje Delisi (: said...

so cute! (:

Anonymous said...


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