Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Captain America

On my previous nail art post, i did a nail art on the US flag over here.
Today i'll be showing you a Captain America's Inspired nail art!

My main theme of the nails were Captain America, an idea my friend gave me.
I really loved the shield and so i decided that it would be a nail art about the shield and US flag.
Since the colours match each other.

I used the same colours i used for the US' Flag in the previous post here.
For the index and middle finger i just did a little bullseye kinda design on the nail with the shield's design.
For the ring finger i painted Dating a Royal by opi and added stars on it.
The babyfinger was more of the middle of the shield :)
And the thumb was the design from the previous post.

What do you guys think? :)
I really liked this design !
If you have any designs that you think i could try, feel free to comment or email me!
I need more ideas :)


Hannah J said...

Looks great! I looks forward to your posts, litterally! I'll check all the new posts to see if you posted. You have great talent:)

Nailstonic said...

hey babe. Thanks sooo much. I haven't been having the time to post lately but hopefully i will :) Thanks for ur support!

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