Monday, 18 July 2011

Nail tip of the Day #19 : How to prevent nails from being broken?

Many people tell me and think that its really difficult to keep long nails. But actually it is not.
Its just that we take our nails for granted.

Many of us use our nails as pliers to open objects like metal or even fight against other stronger objects, definitely your nails will break. We also drown them in water, dishwater and harsh chemicals. These are one of the few main reasons that cause nails to break easily. Everything that changes from a dry climate to a constant immersion of hot water can cause nails to peel, split and crak.

So, a few preventions are
1. Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes
2. Don't let solvents like paint thinner and overn cleaner have contact with your nails
3. Avoid long tub baths. Water will weaken the nails
4. Apply lanolin or jojoba lotions to the nails before and after exposure to water
5. Do not use ur nails to pry or push any more than necessary
6. Rounded nails are said to be more difficult to 'break' than other shapes. Check post here.
7. Use nail polish remover not more than once a week
8. Avoid nail polish removers with acetone and remove nail polish at most once a week.
9. Use a glass file or an emery board instead of a metal nail file.

However, there are some people who have health problems thus resulting in the brittle nails.
So, the basis of hair and nail structure depends on this thing called 'silica'. A lack of silica will cause hair to be weak and dull and nails to be brittle and thin. You can go to a doctor to check out or speak to a staff about your problem.

Also, keep a healthy diet as poor diet leads to vitamin deficiency that also includes a lack of 'silica'.
Do take lots of greens ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

As most of you who have constantly been reading my blog, you would have realised that i post nail tips and nail arts on alternate days. However, i've been really busy in school and work thus i'm really afraid i might not be able to keep this up especially when my exams are coming in like 4 weeks' time. So i'm really thinking if i should leave for a short hiatus or have lesser posts :(

What do you guys think!!

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Hannah J said...

awh! it sucks having to give up blogging, especially all together. But if it helps you focus on school and work, then you should! because those things come first compared to blogging. We will definatley miss seeing your posts but will support you in what ever choice you choose to do! Great tips by the way! I see me breaking alot of those rules:P

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