Thursday, 23 June 2011

Nail tip of the Day #6: What shape suits your nails best?

Ever wondered what shapes would suit your nails best?

There are many kinds of tips for nails, but i'll just go through 2, a rounded tip or a square tip.

1. Rounded tip makes the fingers look elongated and slimmer. It suits people who have wider fingers and definitely it would make your fingers look more 'classy'.

2. Square tips are really common and are actually more suitable for people who do quite a number of chores with your hands. Like typing, writing, or even gardening.. Most people suit square tips and square tips are usually prettier with longer nails!

Definitely, try different styles to see which suits you best and stick with it :)
But my advice would be : Square tip.
Because its fashionable and also easy for everything.
Who doesn't use their hands to do work?

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Cristina said...

I think that square tips are the nicest, but they are the esiest to break. I can't keep square tips because it fragilises my nails.
I keep mine oval, sightly squared.

Olivia said...

Agree with Cristina. I love how Square tips looks, but they break so easily on me. So I usually switch between oval, squoval and round... it I think it suits me better.

Anonymous said...

See, I really hate square tips, they look so harsh to me. Oval tips always looked the classiest, most streamlined and every nail salon I've been to has said you should wear a tip that mirrors the shape of your nail bed so it looks balanced. My nail beds, even on my widest digits like my thumb or middle finger, are rounded so oval looks great, especially as they get longer and they're still broad enough to be sturdy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! Square Tips look really harsh on me! I've heard the same thing, too! The shape, of your Nails should mirror the shape of your Nail bed. Since my most of my Nail bed are Oval shaped, then my Nails are the Classy Oval shape, so that's what shape my Nails are! I think Square Tips are not attractive, at all, but that is just my opinion!

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