Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nail Tip of the Day #4 : Real or Fake OPI polishes?

There are many people saying this OPI is fake and that OPI is real but seriously, i find it very hard to differentiate cause many are saying many different things. So these are just my point of view. :)

1. Ensure that the font of your OPI NAIL LACQUER has the right font and is it aligned properly and not skewed.

2. The real OPI brush has an embossed logo on the top of the brush. You can try using tissue to dap it so as to see it.

3. The original OPI has the same serial code engraved on the top of the bottle, bottom of the bottle, painted in black and same code number on the sticker at the bottom of the polish bottle.

4. There is a peel off sign, and when you peel it, there is a list of ingredients. And on the other part of the sticker, the color name and code is printed. And you can never stick back the 'peel here' sticker.

5. There are 2 steel balls inside the polish bottle. More/less = fake!

6. The inside of the cap must be jagged, not smooth.

7. Many are saying that the warning symbols at the back must be 4 otherwise it is fake. But OPI has addressed the issue: "The number of symbols on bottles may vary due to regulation changes and does not mean that a bottle is fake if there are only 3 labels".

8. There is always the address of the OPI distribution center on the back of the nail polish. This address will be in the Netherlands.

I've found them for many sources online.
Pictures from Here and my own.
Hope this helps :)


McDiaz714 said...

this is so informative! i totally just checked my nail polish to see if its real :D . hahahah this is so helpful because i live around alot of nail polish supply stores and sometimes they sell the OPI really cheap. and it makes me wonder. now i know how to check! thanks for the post.!!

Nailstonic said...

Haha thanks and im happy that i could help you :)

Krizzy1995 said...

This is really cool lol... and its amazing that there are actual fakes out there 0.0 buuuuuuttt in my opinion, if the color rocks and the consistency of the product is amazing like OPI it shouldn't matter if its fake or not.
I respect this post ridiculously though

Nailstonic said...

I agree with u too, but i guess authenticity is important too :)

Mizz Entice said...

I had absolutely no idea that they were peddling off fake OPI nail polish.. i have yet to even try OPI... I'm a huge fan of China Glaze...but this was super informative! Thanks so much for sharing! :)


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