Sunday, 19 June 2011

Golden Gradient Nails

I did golden gradient nails today.
So i'll teach you how to get gradient nails.

Things that you will need are : basecoat, golden polish, golden glitter polish, top coat

1. Apply basecoat
2. Apply golden polish to half ur nail
3. Apply glitter polish to 3/4 of ur nail.
4. Apply top coat.

Its actually very simple to get gradient nails!

I'll show you tomorrow how to get nicer designs after having your gradient nails.
Thanks for reading!


Hannah J said...

That looks gorgeous, but it's going to be a pain to take off! But it's all about the looks and being happy with your maicure! check me out:

Nailstonic said...

Thank you! Yea i have a simple remedy to remove difficult stains on nail polishes. I'll share them soon :)

Hannah J said...

Looking forward to it!!!

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