Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Nail tip of the day #17: Nail Growth

I guess everybody would love to have long nails, so here are a few physical tips whereby you can improve your nail growth!

1. Eat healthily. Diet is the most important factor and it can determine your nails being healthy or not. My next entry will be on food that will make nails grow faster.
2. DO NOT bite your nails or use them to open stuff. Don't be stupid, it will definitely break.
3. Have manicure/pedicure at least once a month to look after your nails well. For me, i do them every fortnight.
4. Practice proper cleaning and moisterizing to your nails daily. Like washing it with mild soap and rejuvenate with salt in boiled water!
5. Try not to keep your nails wet for a long time as it will weaken over time.
6. Remove cuticles after soaking your fingers in salt in soapy salt water.
7. Shape your nail well. I recommend the square tips. Feel free to refer here.
8. Do not constantly apply polish. Always leave it bare for a day or to for them to rest. For me, i'll always let it rest for at least a day.
9. Discolouration is one of the most important things that will make your nails brittle, so important to ensure that your nails are well taken care of. Prevention is better than solutions. Check out here to how to remove yellow stained nails!

I hope all this tips helps!
Thanks for stopping by :)
Do check out my next entry which will be food that make your nails grow faster!

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Hannah J said...

Can't wait for the foods post! Thanks for sharing:)!

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