Friday, 24 June 2011

Chinaglaze Something sweet with OPI Teenage Dream

Yesterday i painted Chinaglaze's Something sweet. Here
Today i placed a coat of OPI's teenage dream on top of it.
I was thinking, its extremely pinky and kinky and shiny.
I find it reminding of me of fairy princesses which i used to play when i was young !
No matter what, i love this color :)

Thanks for dropping by!
For problems regarding how to remove glitter polish easily, feel free to see my tutorial here.
Thank you!


Naomi's Nails said...

Although pinky i like this look. please follow at

Anonymous said...

I used this color the other day and I really liked it although it was really hard to remove. BUT your post about how to remove glitter polish would really help with this polish..... When I was in the sun, it looked like little shivers of diamonds....

Anonymous said...

By the way, how did you get your widget "you might also like?"

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