Monday, 27 June 2011

My favourite topcoat: Seche Vite Top coat

Today i'll be talking about my favourite top coat.
And it is Seche Vite Top coat.
Its pronounced as "Se-chay" Vite Top coat.

So far, this is my favourite top coat, compared to other brands.

Firstly, it is super fast drying. Like within 5 mins its fully dried.
I also really love its shine and it does not chip off easily.

But for the application wise, you would have to apply it in blobs (not too big & not too small), you'll have to figure that out, and there is a right application for it.
For me i'll always apply polishes within 3 stripes, to ensure i do not have big blops here and there otherwise it would be a nail disaster = badly smudged nail polish.

So what's your favourite top coats?
Care to share?


Anonymous said...

My favorite top coat is Sally Hansen 30 second top coat. I have tried the Essie top coat and I do not really like it that much. It seems too runny for me.

Hannah J said...

Mine is also Seche Vite! I love love love it! I just got it and commpared to others I've used it A-MAZING!

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